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The City College Visual Computing Research Laboratory (CCVCL) is directed by Professor Zhigang Zhu in the Computer Science Department at CCNY. It serves as an experimental environment for both research and education in advanced visual and other media computing. The research activities in the CCVCL primarily focus on the understanding of 3D natural scenes and the events in the scenes from multiple sensor modalities, including visible cameras, thermal sensors and acoustic sensors. Currently there are two main research themes in the Lab. The first aspect of the research is three-dimensional scene modeling and rendering from images and videos. The second aspect of the research is human and other subject tracking and human signature extraction from multiple cameras and multimodal sensors. Potential applications of the advanced visual (and other media) computing range across Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), virtual reality, robot/human navigation, aerial/ground surveillance, content-based video coding and transportation.


March 20, 2014 Looking for applicants to the NSF EFRI-REM 2014 program.
May 20, 2013 Professor Zhigang Zhu received President’s Award for Excellence, The City College of New York, in the inaugural year of the President's Awards.
May 18, 2013 Congratulations to Mr. Wai Khoo on receiving GC Provost's Digital Incubator Grant of $1,000.
May 18, 2013 Congratulations to Mr. Greg Olmschenk on receiving PSC-CUNY award of $12,000, with Prof. Zhigang Zhu.
May 18, 2013 Congratulations to Dr. Hao Tang on receiving PSC-CUNY award of $6,000.
May 04, 2013 City College will continue the NSF EFRI Research Experience and Mentoring (EFRI-REM) program for the second year on Multimodal Alternative Perception for Visually Impaired People (MAP-4-VIP). PIs: Zhigang Zhu, Tony Ro and YingLi Tian. This is supplement to the existing $2M NSF EFRI-M3C grant, with $100K and $120K for year 1012 and year 2013, respectively, to attract, support and train underrepresented students in cutting-edge research in STEM fields:
March 19, 2013 Professors Zhigang Zhu (CS), Yingli Tian (EE) and Tony Ro (Psy) are co-chairs of the IEEE Workshop on Multimodal and Alternative Perception for Visually Impaired People (MAP4VIP), July 15th, 2003, San Jose, USA, in conjunction with ICME 2013. This workshop is financially sponsored by NSF (detail: ), Microsoft Research and Grove School of Engineering at CCNY.
Feb 11, 2013 Professors Zhigang Zhu (CS), Jizhong Xiao (EE)and Tony Ro (Psy) won a three-year grant from National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance (NCIIA) Course and Program for strengthening interdisciplinary undergraduate senior designs. The theme is “Human and Machine Intelligence - Perception, Computation and Action”, and the grant period is June 1, 2013 to August 31, 2016
December 06, 2012 Mr. Hao Tang successfully defensed his PhD thesis: 3D SCENE MODELING AND UNDERSTANDING FROM IMAGE SEQUENCES. Now he is an Assistant Professor at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, The City University of New York. Congratulations!
November 06, 2012 Mr. Tao Wang successfully defensed his PhD thesis: AN ADAPTIVE AND INTEGRATED MULTIMODAL SENSING AND PROCESSING FRAMEWORK FOR LONG RANGE MOVING OBJECT DETECTION AND CLASSIFICATION. Now he is a Senior Software Engineer at BAE Systems. Congratulations!
September 2012 Mr. Edgardo Molina received the Khan and Lyons Scholarship for Ph.D. Student in the Grove School of Engineering, The City College of New York. Congratulations!
August 27, 2012 PhD students Ms Farnaz Abtahi, Mr. Feng Hu and Mr. Martin Goldberg joined the City College Visual Computing Lab. Welcome!
August 17, 2012 Professor Jizhong Xiao (EE) and Professor Zhigang Zhu (CS) won a 5-year NSF grant developing and running a joint Senior Design Program on Assistive Technology to Aid Visually Impaired People in CS, CpE and EE.
August 7, 2012 Prof. Zhigang Zhu named the Herbert G. Kayser Chair Professor of Computer Science in the Grove School of Engineering, the City College of New York. This is a recognition of the academic achievement of the entire CcvcL team.
August 1, 2012 Prof. Guihua Liu from Southwest University of Science and Technology (China) joined the Lab as a visiting research scholar. Welcome!
June 19, 2012 CcvcL won the NSF I-Corps Award: Transforming 2D Video into an Interactive 3D Viewing Experience (PI: Zhigang Zhu, EL: Edgardo Molina, IMs: Peter Chang and John Blaho)
June 4, 2012 The new NSF EFRI-REM program on Multimodal Alternative Perception for Visually Impaired People (MAP-4-VIP) at CCNY started. PIs: Zhigang Zhu, Tony Ro and YingLi Tian. PhD Student Coordinators: Wai L. Khoo, Edgardo Molina, Hao Tang. PhD Student Mentors: Lei Ai, Psy, Wai L. Khoo, CS, Edgardo Molina, CS, Hao Tang, CS, Tao Wang, CS, Kelly Webster, Psy, Xiaodong Yang, EE, Chucai Yi, EE Research Assistants: Alpha Diallo, CS, Martin Goldberg, CS, Joey Knapp, CS, Carol Mazuera, EE, Frank Palmer, CpE and Math, Jessica Vargas, CS and Psy, Margaret A. Vincent, Psy. Observers: Christine Bharosi, Kalah Dolmen, Jim Waters (NYISE), Ben Humphreys (CCNY), Joey Pan (Bronx Science). This is a truly mulch-disciplinary team work with a pipeline training model.
May 3, 2102 Our 2011-2012 Capstone Team V.I.S.T.A. Won the $50000 Kaylie Prize (See also The City College Kaylie Prize for Entrepreneurship ). The team, "VISTA Wearable," includes four senior computer engineering majors – Daniel Zuleta, Frank Palmer, Cindy Rodriguez, and Javier Montesino – and doctoral student in psychology, Lei Ai. Professor of Computer Science Zhigang Zhu and Professor of Psychology Tony Ro advised the team.
We are looking for highly motivated PhD student as a research assistant working on multimodal sensor design and machine learning. For more information, please visit an abstract of the NSF EFRI Research Award, and a news post about the project. And contact Dr. Zhigang Zhu.
Professor Zhigang Zhu as PI, along with Co-PI's Tony Ro (Psychology, CCNY), Ying Li Tian (EE, CCNY), Kok-Meng Lee (Georgia Tech) and Boris Prilutsky (Georgia Tech) have been awarded a 4 year NSF EFRI award under the topic Man, Machine and Motor Control (M3C) for their proposal: Mobility Skill Acquisition and Learning through Alternative and Multimodal Perception for Visually Impaired People. [Read more]
Professor Zhigang Zhu with Professor Jizhong Xiao have received a NCIAA grant for a senior design course on: Wearable Multimodal Wayfinding Techniques for Blind and Visually Impaired People. [Read more]
Professor Zhigang Zhu has been selected as a Faculty Fellow for the 2011 Air Force Summer Faculty Fellowship Program (SFFP). He will bring two PhD students (Mr. Edgardo Molina and Mr. Tao Wang) to work with him at the Air Force Research Laboratory.
Two Master students, Mr. Jian-Hong Li, Mr. Martin Goldberg and one undergraduate student Mr. Frank Palmer joined the Visual Computing Laboratory. Welcome!
PhD student Mr. Hao Tang just returned from an internship at SRI International Sarnoff. Welcome back!
PhD student Wai L. Khoo is teaching CS212: Data Structures during the Summer 2011 semester.
Mr. Jiang-Hong Li has been selected as a summer intern in 2011 at IBM Research China. Congratulations!
PhD students Tao Wang and Hao Tang successfully passed their second exams (literature reviews). Congratulations!